Dealing With Unrealistic Expectations of Parents

Kind of piggy-backing the parent-coach relationship topic, this strand focuses specifically on handling the unrealistic expectations a parent has for his son or daughter. See if you have been in a situation similar to this one: The head coach of a program sends out a weekly online publication that highlights the things that went on throughout the program, from the youth league all the way up through varsity action. The parent of a JUNIOR who is playing JUNIOR VARSITY ball takes exception that her son did not get more recognition in the online publication for scoring 27 points in a JV game, stating that her son’s only chance at a going to college is a basketball scholarship and the coach’s lack of recognizing the young man’s accomplishments in the publication was “hurting his exposure and costing him a chance at that scholarship”.

Now, any coach knows the colleges aren’t scouting juniors at the JV level, but that is beside the point. How does a coach handle this parent, a person who is attempting to get the ear of the administration and board of education over a perceived slighting of her son? (Administrators would be welcome to jump in here, too.)

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