Video of the Dramatic Fairless District Championship

If you have not seen this video yet on one of the two million places I have posted it, check it out here. Before watching, take into consideration that the opponent is the two-time defending D2 State of Ohio Runner-up and the kids celebrating the district championship and school’s third-ever “sweet-16″ had been 0-12 26 months earlier when they were freshmen and sophomores. It took a special group of kids to climb that mountain! Love them so much! Memory of a Lifetime

Parent Issue: Should My athlete transfer; Is It Wrong for another Coach to Contact my son?

The first parent-raised question on our site regarding player development turned into a fantastic discussion and the thread is still active. The new issue raises questions about a player returning from injury and the timeline for reclaiming his starting spot; from there the question of a possible transfer is raised; and finally, the parent asks if a coach from another school contacting his son about a possible transfer is ethical. Coaches here at have gotten started on this new and controversial scenario and it has already gotten heated! Take a look and share your experience and expertise!

Parent Wonders about In Season Indivudual Player Development

This thread is reserved for the parents of athletes to voice their feelings on issues that have arisen with the coaches of their sons and daughter to generate positive discussions with the coaches here at the site. This is NOT intended to be a “coach-bashing” post; THE PURPOSE HERE IS TO SET UP A WAY FOR PARENTS TO EXPLAIN ISSUES THAT HAVE ARISEN AND THEN RECEIVE OBJECTIVE FEEDBACK FROM THE COACHES HERE AT THE BEST-LAID PLANS. The goal is for member coaches to continue to better understand the parent perspective while giving the parent a look into the mind of a coach who has no reason to be anything but objective. The thought here is that this could be a VERY PRODUCTIVE discussion. Looking forward to getting some parents in to help generate a good discussion.