Useful Fact #5 When Helping One of your Player’s Recruitment

5. Treat every coach equally and exceptionally well! I have found every coach who has walked into our gym this fall for open gym to be highly engaging, professional gentlemen. My policy has been that we treat them all as honored guests and in return I have found many new coaching friends and resources. Hence, whether we have a coach here from a local D3 or one who has flown in from the west coast to watch our high major players, I go out of my way to get to know the coach and let him know I will do whatever I can to help in his recruitment of our players.

As I said, I am not a seasoned veteran with this aspect of the job, but following these guidelines has led me to some great new coaching friends and it has helped my players who are being recruited along the process–and it has gotten some of our OTHER players noticed.

Would love to hear feedback from coaches who have more experience in this area; definitely wont be offended if im off base with any of my ideas.

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